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Metal Polishing Services

GTL Metal Polishing specializes in the repair and restoration of aluminum and stainless steel trim accessories. Trim pieces from a 30+ year old car are not easily replaced which is why with a trained eye and skilled hand, GTL can rework that metal back to its original shape and polish it up like new.

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Aluminum Polishing & Repair

  • Strip off Existing Paint
  • Clean and Degrease Aluminum Parts
  • Remove Anodizing & Tarnish
  • Remove Dents
  • Straighten Metal Trim & Molding
  • Sand and Smooth Scratches
  • Prep for Aluminum Polishing
  • Final Polishing
  • Clean Excess Rouge
  • Repainting (if required)

Stainless Steel Polishing & Repair

  • Clean and Degrease Steel Parts
  • Remove Dents
  • Straighten Metal Trim & Molding
  • Sand till Smooth
  • Prep and Polishing
  • Final Polish to High Luster

Plastic Lens Polishing

  • Clean Plastic Parts of Dirt and Residue
  • Polish to Remove Scratches

Chrome Plating

  • Clean and Strip Parts
  • Sanding & Prep Work
  • Reapply Chrome Plating**

**Note: We partner with a local reputable company who actually performs the chrome plating process. We inspect all finished pieces to assure our high quality standards.

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Disclaimer: Please understand that we are working with original metal trim that may be well over 30 years old. Depending on the condition of the metal it may be too far damaged to be repaired. We will contact you if this situation arises and make recommendations on what your options are. Thank you.

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